Today, customer satisfaction and engagement is more important than ever. But this isn't a core area of your business. Kinetic hires, trains, and manages a dedicated team of customer support specialists for your business. We keep your current customers happy- you focus on innovation and acquiring new customers. 


We are experienced in providing a customer experience that matches your company’s brand and image.

Your customers are on the move and on a variety of platforms. We can meet and please them wherever they are.

Our agents are native and accent-free English speakers. Don't worry about your customers being frustrated with miscommunications.

We have been providing customer engagement solutions to some of the top brands around the world for over 7 years.

Blend inbound and outbound engagement together for the best customer experience possible.

Reach out or respond to your customers via outbound engagement - customer support follow up, sales follow up, survery, etc.

Calls. Live chat. Email. Social media. We can handle any type of inbound request.

Our technology easily integrates with your current engagement channels to connect with your customers however you may require.

Interactive Voice Response - Allow your customer to perform common tasks without speaking to an agent; we'll help design your script.

Computer-telephony Integration - Your agents will automatically have the incoming customer's information/history on their screen so they have context and can provide the best experience.

Some customer inquiries require a higher skill level. We can save your customer's time by connecting them to the proper agent right away.

Analyze and perform actions without listening to each conversation; speech recognition technologies can save you hours.

Kinetic integrates with all of the most popular CRMS, or our IT team can build a customer integration for you.

Make sure that your most valuable customers get the fastest and best service with Priority Routing.

Monitor and analyze your customer or product satisfaction automatically.

Quickly respond to chat inquires

Or emails originating from a PC

Or calls and SMS messages


Neutral-accent English


Contacts for $750/month




Years of support experience

Kinetic Business Solutions is a global Business Process Outsourcing provider that operates across 7 office locations in the Philippines and Cambodia. 

Our mission is to drive our client’s growth by allowing them to refocus their time and financial resources on the core areas of their business while we focus and perfect their non-core business processes.